Friday, January 11, 2008

Revisions Required

Here you see a wide wonderful simple wool scarf. Louise was made to go with this scarf - uh well, that was the plain and simple helmet, Louise was planned to be, was going to go with this scarf. Flying Louise and this wide scarf, are just not in love. I'm thinking more of a fan fold on point geometric with a narrow back jabot would make Louise happier. A simple headband or plain helmet hat would be more compatible with the scarf.

Have been mulling the possibilities, considering the amount of fabric left on hand. In the meantime have almost completed a couple of black corduroy swing purses. Hoping to finish those up today. And dive into a sea of blue in the near future.

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I've now seen three articles in widely diverse publications trumpeting the decree that blue is the new green.

Cobalt blue especially is the new "it" least favorite color.

But somehow it is true, my green interior design palette seems tired somehow and I am hungry for blue.

Just not cobalt.

Louise deserves a dashing scarf. Can't wait to see what smacks you upside the head and kicks off the perfect piece.