Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sharon Bs Take It Further Challenge

In my ongoing quest for creative stimulation and company while growing creatively, found and joined Sharon Bs Take It Further Challenge. Each month in 2008, Sharon will provide two possibilities for creations: 1) a key concept 2) a color scheme. Participants (there are over 270 people world wide) choose to work on either, both or combine the possibilities, either blogging about process or sharing photos on flickr or both.

January's Challenge key concept is to design and create a work about admiration - who we look up to and/or use this color scheme

If you visited the flickr TIF group, you have already seen that many of the participants have already begun creations, some have even finished. Wow! That is so cool.

Some are using the challenge to also work on keeping a creative journal. I've always thought that is something I should do -- and have started a few times with either collecting inspiration clippings or writing down the work/progress on projects, but never seem to keep these up, and seldom find referring to them helpful. It struck me that perhaps I should also work on this journaling in a paper book. After all it appears that lots of successful artists do this. So along with thinking about the creations to create, am also thinking about how I generate ideas or figure out where to go with an idea.

Have decided that part of the way I work is muzzling, internal churning and letting the ideas swirl about in the unconscious or semi-conscious portion of my brain. When I start writing things on paper, it feels too committed and I feel as though some of the freedom and flow gets lost; and the process becomes limited. Now is this real or is this an excuse?

Also found that it is more comfortable to put ideas into the computer, than onto paper. Hmm. though it still takes time and lots of thought before I'm willing to let the fingers go at the keyboard.

At any rate, am finally ready to share a bit about my thoughts on the key concept - admiration -

Initially let my thoughts drift over and examine people whom I admire. Then recognized that most of those people, either historical figures or live people of my acquaintance, were women. So why women, why these particular women. Ah, all these women represented to me, women who were nurturing, caring about others, who actively did/do good; but also who had very clear selves, who were/are individuals who worked on their own dreams, bent but did not break when faced with life challenges, who were/are true to themselves (integrity, honesty, ethical). So a woman who does not loose herself in giving, yet gives even more and cares tremendously about others because she has a strong inner core.

Oh boy, how do I use that take on admiration - who one looks up to - into fiber. My first thought was a beaded doll. Mulled over some other things such as an ATC, hat, etc. But keep coming back to a doll, one that can be held in the hand. That is as far as I've come in the process.

My goal is to post each Sunday or Monday about progress in the TIF challenge, wish me well. Thanks for reading along.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Wow...that is quite a challenge. Capturing the abstract thinking that simmers and stews until it gels and the vision for a creation occurs: the thought of it takes my breath away.

I am in awe that you are embracing the challenge. I am impressed that you are eager to submit your creative flow to a focus created outside of yourself.

Can't wait to see where it goes, and yes, working on a computer where you can insert pictures as needed is a very handy option.

monique said...

Oh.. I think making a doll is a fabulous way to translate your idea!

Love reading these thought processes, and it *is* interesting how many of us seem to be on the same wavelength.


I think the idea of a doll is most unusual. Shall drop by Sun/Mon to see it. I am curious.Great hats.

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Hoping to have at least the body of the doll prepared by next report in.

Penny said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. A doll is a wonderful way of starting, I am a bit like you, not good at writing down as things jump from one thing to another.
Love the hats, I have a couple of hat making friends and daughters who always need them for leading rein classes with the ponies. I just look awful in a hat!

Barbara Hagerty said...

I do LOVE what you are doing with the TIF challenge!

A thought of mine to share with you on journals: I keep many on-going journals at once. Some are for specific pieces, notes to keep me on track; others are thoughts and sketches, etc. The further I get along in my artistic journey, the less journalling conflicts with the artistic impulses, and the more it supports them. Don't know why, but this is how it is for me. I couldn't do without the journals. At the very least, they are relaxing!

Anyway, you have a gorgeous beginning to a doll!

Glorious Hats said...

Barbara, so appreciate your sharing your experience and perspective and encouragement. Jane