Friday, February 29, 2008

Encouraging People to Wear Hats

With Easter coming up fast, March 23rd this year, it seems a great opportunity to support and encourage the wearing of hats.

PhantomMinuet has been doing her part by sharing some of her extensive hat collection on her blog: It's Raining Min. Wouldn't you love going to church with her?

Jill continually inspires me to new heights as well, by both wearing and creating captivating chapeaus and sharing the experiences on her blog: Jill's World of Research, Reaction, and Millinery.

Christina embodies the joyfulness and thrills of making and wearing great toppers in her blog: The rantings of a MAD HATTER wannabe...

There is a cool millinery group on Fickr, simply called Millinery.

Though mostly it is those of us already hat crazy who visit and share and talk about our love of and joy in wearing hats. So how to we cultivate that joy and fun in others?

For my little part here in the rural north woods, am trying a sale at Grandma's Attic where the hat is the critical item to receiving a discount. Most of us are a very frugal lot. Hoping to encourage those on the brink of hat wearing to take the step.

Here is what is on the sale poster:
Buy a hat
two or more additional items from the Hat Box
receive a 20% discount

Be the Grandest Lady or Guy in the Easter Parade!

Accessorize your Spring outfit with hat, gloves, purse, hanky.

*offer good only on items from booth #21 - The Hat Box - Feb 29 to Mar 22, 2008

So later this morning will be heading into town. Wearing a hat of course. And creating a Hat and accessories display as well as putting up the posters.

All the sets shown here and more. Tempting, tempting, tempting, oh I hope so!


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Contact your local paper, as an article about Easter bonnets. The papers seem to always have to talk about hats at Easter.

You have created very inspiring scenes with your hat, purse and gloves shots. Please let us know the results of your efforts.

Knitted Gems said...

I suppose it is almost time to start pulling out my Spring and Summer hats ... and purchase a new hat for the season. Thanks!

PhantomMinuet said...

I love that red purse.

I want that red purse.