Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hand Work Area

Bobbie Carr always recommended doing hand work while watching a great movie such as "Gone with the Wind." Now that DSL lines have come to the rural areas of Bemidji, and we purchased what we think of as a "big screen" TV - the time has come that it is possible to do that. Hurray!

So this is where you could find me most evenings. Rocking away with several to be hand worked pieces on the card table, the sewing table at the ready, either hand stitching, beading, or rolling felt work. Sometimes with the tv on, sometimes just the classical radio station, and sometimes just with silence and my thoughts. Oh, usually the shades are up too.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I enlarged the screen trying to see the pink hat better. It looks luscious!

Waaahhh...I wanna come and rock and sew and listen to music and look out the windwo with you!

Yeah, feel free to use the whimsy idea to up-cycle hats. Or just use new veiling.
In fact, don't you think we should lobby to have an official "Wear A Hat With A Veil Day"?

I totally love what Denishe is doing with veils.

Oh, and I got book on ebay...I just searched by title (in quotes) and it popped up. It is a reprint, the seller apparently has the copyright now, so I'm thinking you should be able to grab one if you want to.

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Jill, New is ok - but gosh, hardly any one wants whimseys these days and it would be lovely to revitalize some that are stuck in the dark and bring them some fun times again.

And hey, there is another rocking chair in the room so if you ever get here, it can happen. :)

Is that the Ruby C book? will have to go have a look. Thanks