Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take It Further Challenge - Feb 08 update

Last week you saw the finished placemat for the February TIF challenge. My stretch goal for the February challenge was to write up a photo tutorial to accompany the work. As of last week had completed the "sew a placemat" section. This week have added the "decorate the placemat with no sew appliqué" For now these are in an album set on flickr.

My thinking is that this will be a good place to put up a draft and get comments to improve the tutorial. It is quite picture heavy, 40 some photos between sewing and decorating the placemat. Plus lots of words. Gosh, do you think this is too much? Experienced sewers would not need such great detail. On the other hand most experienced sewers would not be looking for a tutorial for this project. The audience I anticipate would be new or inexperienced sewers and moms looking for a good project to introduce children to fabric crafting.

Once I'm happy with the tutorial, the next thing in this process is to "publish it" in a place where those looking for such a project can find it easily. When going to vote for Knitted Gems entry in the Lion Brand Yarn contest, discovered the instructables web site. (Thank you Marie!). So am considering putting the tutorial on there in two parts - sew a placemat and No sew fabric appliqué.

Another thought was to put it out on Craftster - though don't think most users there would want the great detail. So maybe a briefer version? If you know of other possible sites where my tutorial would be appropriate, welcome suggestions and comments.

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JANE said...

Your placemats are adorable. I can't really help you with your quest for finding a venue for your tutorial but I take my hat off to you for taking the time to do the work involved in making it! Great job! PS Thanks for stopping by for a visit.