Thursday, March 13, 2008

Capturing an Etsy Treasury

Is not an easy thing to do, but lucked out yesterday afternoon and just happened to be online about the time the window to get treasuries came open. So hung around and YES was able to sign up and create this one:

"From the US Heartland
Minnesota Team - Hot Work from a Cold Land"

The live clickable treasury is here. Treasuries are active for only 2 days, but a fun way to curate an online exhibit of items available on Etsy. The active treasury only shows 3 columns - the faded 4th column here is the alternate column. If any of the "main" show items go off line the alternates fill in the space.

This was fun to put together. I found that other Minnesotans have also been working in bright and lively color as winter heads to spring here in the northland.

Hope it brightens your day as well.


Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Way to go!

Y'all must truly be tired of winter by now ;- )

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Sue. Yep indeed am ready for spring. And by the looks of the wonderful creations from other Minnesotans, they are too.

Of course our long winter gives us plenty of crafting time which is wonderful. And the long time until spring makes the actual happening even more fabulous.