Monday, March 03, 2008

Crafting with Now 5

No photos, we were too busy to stop and snap and barely finished by the time Now 5, her mom and baby sis had to leave to make it to dance class.

WE - did a no-sew iron on appliqué apron for her dad. Using a bunch of rooster, chicken, chick and egg shapes I had pre-cut. Now 5 chose the ones she wanted and created the design, then she removed the paper backing on one set, replaced the appliqué and I pressed the iron on them as she got another bunch ready for pressing. One rooster, one hen on the body of the apron; and a slew of chicks and eggs on the pockets.

Next - doll clothes. This time she learned how to use a freezer paper pattern, iron it to the fabric, then cut around the edges of the freezer paper pattern. While Now 5 worked on cutting, she had me sewing perle cotton to her doll's head - the previously bald doll now has golden hair with one streak of brown.

Last but not least we made a Laura Ingalls Wilder "prairie bonnet" from fun foam. Glued on lace and fun foam flowers. She chose colors to match the lavender apron I had made for her and which she wore all during the crafting time.

And yes near 5 is indeed Now 5 - today was her birthday and one of her special treats for the day was coming with mom and sis to craft at my house. Don't know who felt more special, her for being the birthday girl, or me for being chosen as the special treat for the day. Wow! how cool was that. Plus, as she was leaving she said "I so appreciate you helping me with the doll's hair." "so appreciate" coming spontaneously and graciously out of the mouth of a 5 year old with no prompting from her mom- my jaw hit the ground. I'm now her slave.

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

"Chosing you as the special treat of the day.'

If I could, I would too!

And I agree it is just the best to work with a child with a grateful heart, and the sensitivity to express it so elegantly. What a treasure she is!