Thursday, March 27, 2008

Follow UPs for Jill and for Kellybot

For Jill - detail shots of yesterday's hat.
Purchased the hat and scarf from Sea of Stars on Etsy. (sorry she is no longer in business.) Added embellishments made by friends: a wool flower needle felted by Natalie and a wet felted beaded stick pin by Lynn. Even the more traditional knit or crocheted caps get gussied up.

Here is a side view. It is still quite crisp and cool here. Still need a coat - so turned the rust orange fall coat into spring with the soft green accessories.

Now though, a little concerned that Jill could not see the hat on my head in yesterday's photo--- and upon reflection fear she thought my hair was moss. LOL

For Kellybot------ a bit about drafting leads ---- because in this post on her blog, Kelly shared some thrifted finds and had a few questions. Having seen similar items in the husband's drafting kit, called him in to get some info. Oh boy! got more info than this old brain could process.

The leads and lead holder here are from the husband's kit. The kit dates back to before and during his Viet Nam days - so say late 1960s. These leads & holders came after pencils. Something about the difficulty of sharpening pencils for the perfect points needed in drafting. The different numbers were used for different size lines, i.e. - fine lines = 4H, medium lines =2H - F or Bs for lettering. The numbers and letters are the same in pencils and leads.

Kelly wondered how the leads were sharpened. Out of the kit came two sharpeners. The small one is heavy metal, hand held, one blade shaves pencil leads, the smaller blade is for the leads only.

The big sharpener is rather neat. The lead remains in the lead holder. You put the lead out a bit and set the pencil in the opening. Then start turning the top of the sharpener- it holds the leadholder steady; as the lead tip goes around the circle it is buffed by emery and a point is created.

Here is the inside view. the long stem in the top supports the lead holder and as it moves around the sides of the lead contact the black emery ring and somehow this sharpens the tip.

The older way of getting the points was a long strip of wood with multiple layers of fine sand paper and one would run the pencil lead or lead in lead holder, constantly rolling it over the sand paper to get a point. When one layer was used up, it got torn off and tosses. Messy - especially when critical to keep the project neat when working in a room with may other draftsmen. The enclosed sharpeners were wonders of the time.

Kelly, that is the scoop. At least as I understood it. Hope that helps.


Kellybot said...

Thanks for all the great info! That sharpener is pretty darn snazzy. I think I'll have to be on the lookout for one and also a leadholder. That's it. It's going to be my schtick now... that weird girl who insists on using lead holders instead of pens or pencils.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thanks M'am. It does look a bit like is a good thing that you added all those cool flowers. I love your felted posies!

Glorious Hats said...

Kellybot, you are so welcome. If you ever get up to Bemidji, let us know. The DH would be so pleased to have you over and to share his wealth of information.

Your new schtick....... oh I love it. And until you get a fancy sharpener, you can always use an emery board to keep the leads sharp.

Aww Jill, your welcome. It is fun to take things up a notch with the felt flowers.

njm said...

This hat is adorable!!!!! I always love to see new and creative things. Thanks for sharing!