Sunday, March 30, 2008

On a Scarf Tangent

Ah, that Jill, who thinks different, always seems to tickle my fancy and sends me off on adventures, learning and seeing new stuff. The last tangent I followed off of her post just yesterday. The idea of making large scarves into hand bags sent me hieing off to this post on Barb's The Purse Project blog. (beware that entire blog can lead to many tangential trips) From Barb's article went on to Fort and Field and Multicrafty. Well that was cool. Great bags all.

That got me remembering a few things in my own collection. Recalled a Schiaparelli ad with a scarf tied into a handbag. Here it is: April, 1938, Schiaparelli promoting Double Mint gum in this ad from Country Gentleman magazine

And this how-to turn an ordinary 24 inch scarf into a "Galahood" from radio host Pegeen Fitzgerald.

*note- both photos can be enlarged enough for you to see and read them clearly by clicking on the photos

Still not done. so embarked on a sail about the web and found a few other ways to use scarves. Here are a few findings:

Ways to Tie Silk Scarves by Dakini Silk

Ten things to do with Vintage Scarves by The Vintage Detective

Recycled Silk Scarves by Recover Girl

Yarn from Silk Scarves on Helium

Gift Wrapping
by Inhatitat

Sew Vintage book by Jennie Atwood

New Finds since original posting:

Vintage Scarves by Peaches and Dreams Blog

Comment #2 on this article - Jill shares 3 ways to tie/wear scarves

I thought there would be more, perhaps my search skills are not so dandy.

So if you too get enthused about ways to re-purpose vintage scarves, please do let me know what you find. Would also love for you to share ways you use vintage scarves. Or if you make any of the items, let me know here in comments or link to a post in your blog with the item. I'll bring links up here to the main post so others can find you easily as well.

Thanks so much.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hurrah! Someone beside me doing scarf research. It is a toughie; I always expect to hit pay dirt yet rarely do.
Thanks for some great links. My scarf collection thanks you too!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I thought I would mention my favorite way to wear a scarf: Fold a square on the diagonal, then fold into the diagonal until you have a long thin scarf. Tie overhand knots like beads (one, three, five...odd numbers usually) and then tie in the back. It make the scarf look like chunky jewelry and it stays in place nicely. The one knot looks great to show off the scarf pattern.

Another way is to twist a scarf until it is so tight it starts winding back on itself. Wrap around the neck, slipping one end through the bend where the scarf has doubled back. Great choker look.

I finally learned how to get a scarf to drape in smooth folds in front: Fold a square knot into a triagle shape. Tie an overhand knot loosely on one of the tail ends. Slip the other tail end through the overhand knot, and adjust the front triangle into even drapes. Pull the tail that is going through the overhand knot until the scarf is at a suitable length. Flip the tails back over the shoulders to lay aside the front drapes, or leave over the back.

For some reason, just tying the tails together in a square knot or a bow never makes the scarf drape evenly. The scarf bunches up around my ears when I just do a "cowboy" neckerchief tie!

I love my scarves, and rarely wear neck jewelry any more! (maybe I should do a tutorial...)

Marie said...

Thank you so much for doing this post! I have been staring at 3 silk scarves in my collection. They are too big to wear (I feel overwhelmed in them). I refuse to throw them out; one was brought back from Peru for me. Turning it into a shirt or a skirt sounds lovely.

Glorious Hats said...

Jill, wow! what great ideas for ways to wear. I'm going to have to print those off and try them out. thanks.

Marie, glad to have stimulated some ideas for using those scarves. Yay!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

I am so glad you posted in this information, and for your information also, Jill! I have dozens of vintage scarves from my mom's and her sisters' collections. They are so lovely and could not come up with a way to wear them. Thanks!