Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Town Day

Wednesdays are town day for the hubby and me (or is it I.) I always dress for town. Now, remember this is not a big metropolis, just one of the larger towns in northern Minnesota. Population around 26,000

Today we stopped at Northwest Mechanical (this is where we buy farm equipment -tractors, machinery) woops --- the name changed a few years back, but in my brain we still go to Northwest Mechanical. The new name is Bobcat of Bemidji.

Bobcats make mighty fine farm workers. Actually we use the bobcat more than the tractors. A nice steady work horse.

Now where was I going with this post and how does it relate to hats?

Well, most of the guys at NW Mechanical wear hats. So took the camera and had the husband snap a photo of me and the main men of NW Mechanical. Here we are in front of the literature display wall that Ben built.First is Dave, the current owner. Dave only wears hats in very below zero weather. However, he is one of the very nicest people anywhere, so he still gets to be in the picture. Then me. Then Big Ben. Ben is Dave's dad and one of the original owners of NW Mechanical. Ben "retired" several years back, and built the neat display rack shortly after retirement. Though officially retired, Ben is seldom absent from the business. Ben most often is wearing a cap. Next is Tim, the counter man and parts man. It is hard to imagine Tim without a cap. I think I have seen him with out it on, but only when he takes it off to readjust it.

So these are some of the neatest men in Bemidji. There are some other swell guys at Northwest Mechanical - ah, Bobcat of Bemidji. They just did not happen to be around for this photo. Which by the way was amazing to capture as most of the time all of these fellows are busy helping customers: farmers, contractors, truckers, groundsmen and more. I usually count myself lucky to get a few minutes to chat with any one of these three. So this was perfect timing.

Oh yes, we did not go just for the photo. We needed a fuel filter for our bobcat and got some good opinions from Dave and Ben on what might be causing a sluggishness problem in the bobcat.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

What a fun day! My man is jealous of the guys who get mechanical stuff.

Point taken off for not having a hat on in the photo however...being cute anyway still makes it a great shot.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh wait, I enlarged the picture and you are wearing a hat! Glasses must need a stronger prescription. My bad!

Glorious Hats said...

Oh Jill, too funny. It is quite rare for me to go anywhere without a hat. Even just walking between our house and the outbuilding that serves as a crafting studio. @);D

Had intended to get a better photo of me and the town outfit, but just getting the husband to take the one photo was pretty major.

Did not get around to laying the stuff out yesterday for a photo shoot. Maybe I can add it soon.