Sunday, April 06, 2008

April Snow

Greeted me this morning when stepping out the door to do the first light cow check.

Anticipating snow, we have the 4 cows we believe are due to give birth soon in the barn and sheltered. (no photos of inside barn as cows were sleeping and did not want to bother them with lots of light.)

Still we (me at first light and The husband at noon and evening) make rounds of the maternity corral, just in case our predictions of who is going to calve are not on target.

Most of the cows and the bull were in the loafing shed.
Still a few bedded down outside, not liking a crowed bedroom.
Even though the cow count was right, I still trudged through the snow checking nooks and crannies in the corral to be sure not to miss a cow with calf. The drifts were over my boot tops (just below my knees) in many spots.

It is really beautiful right now. Warm though so ought to melt off soon. Thankful there were no calves embedded in the snow.

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Brrr...and lovely at the same time. Those bovines look contented, and why not with such charming owners attending to their needs.