Monday, April 14, 2008

Hand Bag to coordinate with Trilby Hat

The bag is completed. Am quite pleased, if I do say so myself. Normally try to have the lining in a light color so it is easier to see inside and find things. But sometimes one must suffer for fashion. This was just to chic to go with the print linen lining - though a similar one is in the works and will be more casual and have the print lining. But I digress....

This one just called for back linen lining. All the usual pockets - one side a low pocket with two slots for check book, wallet or other such item, plus a narrow pen pocket in the center. The other side has an ID or other small card holding pocket. (picture has been lightened so you can see the pockets.)

The big new detail is the outside pocket. Asymetrical, Fringed trim, piping, and a slick do dad -- woops if it is slick ought not to call it a do dad. eerrm - -and a tassel hanging from a knotted Chinese button. Balancing the design are 3 Chinese buttons on the opposing side up top near the strap insertion.

The outside pocket actually has two slots. On the short end a short pocket. Just right for holding a cell phone or ipod. The High end has a wider pocket for a book, map, etc.

It appears to be a fairly simple design, yet it took me awhile to come up with it - both for sizing and the construction details. It finally all came together. Hurray! Hope you enjoy it too.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I love that the bag looks kind of lake a garment too, a vest from the side body view. You have thought of everything.

Thanks for the sweet birthday greeting! Even though I didn't get to MN this year, I felt like I did through your blog.

Marie said...

Great bag!
I love the detailing on the bag. The fact that it runs diagonal and not straight across really adds a nice flair.
Congrats on completing this design.

PhantomMinuet said...

It looks fabulous with the hat. Well done!