Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kitchen Presence requires a Hat

Well that is my thought and am using it to help create a "kitchen presence present" for a nephew. You may have seen the black linen apron. Now am working on a hat. Noooo, not a usual chef's hat, a cap that will work either in or out of the kitchen.

Have chosen this cap

from this Vogue 1994 pattern

In these fabrics.
Fashion fabric is black linen.
Black leather from a salvaged glove.
And sueded rayon for the lining.

The top of the bill just fit on the leather glove.

Was going to just go ahead with this as a surprise. But having already called the nephew once to get his head size. He knows something is up. So am now thinking. Before cutting the lining will check with him to see if he likes it.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh yea! A guy's hat for a change.
Men: We want you to wear hats! We LOVED men in hats! Wear hats, please!

Marie said...

I was confused at first and certain that you had mislabeled the post. I was looking for a white chef's hat. Yet, I like your choice. It will get so much more use.