Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Dark and Manly Apron

Who is slower than molasses in January? Why I do declare, it is probably me! ( or is that I?)

Got this idea last fall to make black linen aprons for two nephews. By Christmas time had the pattern prepared, the fabric selected. Brought it out into the cutting area, took it back to the storage room, where it sat, and sat and sat. Nephew #1s birthday was mid-March, looked at the fabric, went so far as to wash it up and piece it. ( pull thread to grain it up and cut in lengths to block the fabric and prepare for laying out pattern and cutting.) Then the washed and pieced pieces hung around for March and into April. Ahhh, decided to use some of this black apron fabric to line the purse that was going with the Trilby hat. Got a piece blocked and cut out the apron and purse lining.

Have been working on the apron and the purse intensely for several days now. Still some hand work to embellish the purse. But - oh happy day - the apron is complete.

Am planning to add a black linen cap to really provide fabulous Kitchen Presence for the nephew, early 20s now in his first single apartment, and a super wonderful young man. Have the hat pattern out, and preparing to prepare it for use. HOWEVER, given my track record, think I'll just send the apron to him this week. And hope to get on the ball and have a hat to follow by May.

For those who enjoy Vintage pattern use. Here is the pattern

You can see the nice pockets here - the details eluded capture in the black linen. However, am sure you will be pleased to learn that the top edge of the pocket sports a Jean Muir hem. Not called for in the pattern, but very nice treatment to detail and stabilize that edge.

The other changes were cutting bias strips for the neck and waist ties. Bias holds nicely in a bow without slipping. The neck strip was suppose to be one big loop, no ties, but without nephew #1 here to fit, decided to go with ties.

And that my friends is that. Hopefully, will get the hand work done on the purse tonight, so will have something to show you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I found this via SewRetro. I'm so pleased to have found this post because I have this pattern. It's good to know it worked well.

Glorious Hats said...

Welcome mamalong, so pleased sharing my experience with the pattern was helpful.