Friday, April 11, 2008

Prairie Bonnet

Another Prairie Bonnet. This time with a little rick rack zing for the brim.

Am working on a purse to go with the trilby hat. That is taking some time as am adding an outside pocket and a new trim styling idea to the usual shape swing bag.

Also like to have a couple of projects going at once with the same color thread, so choose this red print for a prairie bonnet.

Am pleased with how it came out and it fit in well as a less intense thinking project to balance the concentration of a new design for the swing bag.

Was planning just to stock pile several of the prairie bonnets to take to the one craft show I do each year at Depot Days (when the History Center has a fund raising show.) But liked it so much, thought it would be fun to see if it gets any views or any action on Etsy. So This is a Test.

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

i wish I had worn your bonnet yesterday. Just so you know...while you got snow yesterday, I was getting a blazing sunburn. I thought I had sunscreened everything, guess not!

I thought about your bonnet and had visions of it created in a stiff organdy fabric, with insets of small flowers or leaves like they often do on little girl's dress nowadays. The small items would be sandwiched and pocketed in the brim and would cast shadows on the face accordingly.

I think the idea rumbled through because of the organdy I used to make the flower on my Easter hat. The sheer slightly irridescent colors would be interesting to see in a sun bonnet.