Friday, April 04, 2008

Ready for next Fall and Winter

Finally completed something just for me. A flannel nightgown for fall and winter. So when the cold weather comes around again will have a nice new snuggly gown.

This is my very favorite nightgown style. It shocked me to find, that I've been making this pattern for 18 years. YIKES! It was a new pattern bought in 1990- sewed new then, am sewing retro now. Does that mean it could go on the SewRetro Blog?

Over the years, the pattern has evolved a bit to meet personal style and comfort needs.The fake piping at yoke and sleeve edges is purely for style. The yoke is done with creative pressing. The yoke is faced with the solid color fabric then turned and pressed with just a bit of the facing showing. Top stitched to keep it in place. The sleeves just get a band of solid fabric stitched to the edge then again creatively pressed, folded and top stitched.

Elastic in the sleeves to make a ruffle is very pretty - unfortunately drives me to distraction, so the sleeves are left open and made to about a 3/4 length sleeve.

This style is wonderful for someone such as myself with a triangle figure - narrow shoulders, large bust and hips. It hugs the upper chest for a feeling of security while allowing room for the rest of the body to move freely during sleep.

The length is midway between the "short" and "long" gown lengths of the pattern. Long is beautiful, but somehow I always trip on the hem when going up the stairs.

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Tiggie FOC said...

Thanks for the poem Jane! Wish you could have been at the lunch with me....

There is nothing better than a tried and trued pattern now is there?