Tuesday, April 01, 2008

REveal - Contest Winners

Following up the guess which entry I made for CC March Challenge.

The CC March Challenge is over -- the winner was Mr. Potato Head. Both Kellybot and Knitted Gems guessed Mr Potato Head was my entry. It is cute and whimsical and honestly got my vote, but was not made by me. So far there is no maker's name attached to him. Hope it gets put up soon as Mr Potato Head sure is cute.

Jill, Pat and Sue all guessed my entry: the green snake "Banished from Ireland." Yep, needle felted from wool roving and a bit quirky.

As promised in the Contest post, put their names on paper slips and into this hat.Pat's name was drawn. Have emailed her the news and am waiting to hear if she wants the snake ring or a long felt bead hat pin.

Thanks to Kellybot, Knitted Gems, Jill, Pat and Sue for making guesses, thanks to Nikki for trying to visit CC, and to Eclectic Gypsy for stopping by to say hello.

Note. The hat used for the drawing is a bright orange pleated straw that I wear often in the spring and summer. Here she is upright.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Well I do wish I had won the drawing! But...your idea of how to trim a pleated hat was a treat as well. Mind if I add similar dangles to my own pleated hats?

(I just don't understand why everyone doesn't want to own a pleated hat! They are just so easy to wear and fun!)

PhantomMinuet said...

Cool. I hope you'll do it again, so I can play. :-)