Saturday, April 05, 2008

Smitten or I'm in Love with some Wonderful Hats

There is always a bit of bright in every dark time. This past week, have been battling a severe cold, so not much energy left after managing the animal chores. But enough to sail about on the web. So more time than usual spent looking and admiring and dreaming. Two hats in particular caught my attention.

First hand crafted by an extremely talented UK milliner, Kankalin Hats is multiculti hatling part of her Shy Violet Project. Picture credits to the lovely Amélie

I am experiencing a terrific lust for this hat. It would make a perfect topper to wear for Jill's online Kentucky Derby Party. It could be added as decoration to a wide brim straw hat or worn alone. Would I be bold enough to wear it for town days this summer? (Town days are Wednesdays - THE DAY, the husband and I go to town for breakfast at Perkins (a chain restaurant) then pick up supplies, etc. ) Maybe a bit over the top for that, but then again.............

This hatling is quite irrestible and is just the thing to initiate a closet review to see what sort of ensemble could be pulled together to go with it. Or what might need to be sewn.

Picture credits to the lovely Amélie

Orange seemed to be jumping out at me as the other to die for hat I found is this appealing vintage number from Aunt Mae's Appartment

Am definitely partial to berets and oh my this one has such great details. The tucks and the medallian. AND it is orange! This would be wonderful for early spring and late fall here in Bemidji.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

So you are getting bitten by the crinoline/horsehair bug too? I never did "cotton" much to the stuff before but now the material seems just delicious.

I need a tutorial on how to finish the cut edges on the stuff. That is tricky part.

PhantomMinuet said...

I love orange. Alas, orange doesn't love me. :-\

Marie said...

I love the orange hat too. I'm not brave enough to wear the other one.