Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Town Day - Wed April 23 ought 8

As a rule, the first stop on Town Day, is for breakfast at Perkins(tm). Dawn is rarely absent, she greets us and seats us and takes our credit card when leaving. It was a very busy day, with a bus load of baseball players being served. So did not trouble Jodie, our regular waitress, for a photo. We have been going to Perkins here in Bemidji for over 20 years. Jodie has been there all that time. Since retiring from "professional" jobs, we go into town each Wed am and ask for a table in Jodie's section. Ah, it is a great life.

A better view of the hat. and a great photo of Dawn.

Today's hat is a parasisol straw hood, that I blocked over a wooden hat block. The ribbon is a vintage embellished dressmaker ribbon, which I made into a hat band.


Marie said...

Perkins has some of the best breakfast food. I miss having a Perkins nearby.
Your hat looks darling. I was just thinking what an envious collection of hats you must have. I have never seen the same hat on you twice.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Ahh...Perkins seems like such a nice treat/friendly place. I've only been to the one in British Columbia, but wish I had one here to drop into regularly.

Nicely blocked hat your wearing there. I do think parisisol is the most refreshingly simple medium to work in; and ever so flattering to wear.