Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kitchen Presence Present


Serving Towel


finally completed.


Has been packed
and ready to ship.


Finished the hat this morning. Yesterday was just about to sew on the peak, when the power failed. Thank goodness it happened just then and not in the middle of the peak.

The day was very windy and a tree probably fell on the power lines somewhere. It was several hours before power returned. Too dark to sew on black, even with lights.
Today dawned bright and clear. Power remained on and the Hat is done. Black linen, peak top salvaged leather glove, lining sueded microfiber. I'm loving it, and hope the nephew will too. Plan to mail it out tomorrow.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Lucky nephew! A great hat, and a dramatic story to go with it. I hope your nephew has half the flair as this hat...if he didn't before, he will now!

Glorious Hats said...

Ah Jill, this nephew has pizazz, dash, and daring. He enjoys hats and wears them with flair. Great guy, he!

Marie said...

I love how this hat came out. I'm sure your nephew will enjoy wearing it!

Kate said...

Hi Jane - just popping by to say I would be delighted! I'm glad you liked my project. Great site, by the way. xx

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

That is really nice!!! I made my brother an apron last year for his b-day. He loves to cook and he's pretty good at it. Didn't make him a hat though.