Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Millinery Alchemy

Huh! What!

With the Alchemy feature on Etsy, it has been fun for me to scan the Alchemy requests and bid on a few of the hat requests for a chance to turn someone's wish for a golden hat into reality. So far have put in 4 bids and 2 were accepted. Hurray. Have completed one Renaissance Pirate Lass Straw Hat and am working on upcycling a wool plaid vest into a cloche hat. Both have been extraordinary positive experiences so far.

Today am going to share with you the Pirate Lass Hat made especially for Meri Greenleaf. Meri Greenleaf is the name this young woman uses for her Etsy Shop and I think is her persona for Ren Faire. She is a right and true Pirate, bedecked in black and red with a touch of white. When on land and attending festivals, she needs a hat to keep the sun from her fair face and shoulders.

She came to Alchemy searching for someone to craft a glorious pirate hat with pizzazz. Oh yes, her quest intrigued me and had me searching for information about pirates and the Renaissance. She had some basic ideas to guide me, yet was open to possibilities. This is the result of our collaboration ---------------

View of the top - the ribbons are streamers in red and black that hang down under the brim.

Side 1
Side 2


While not exactly historically correct materials or made with historically correct techniques - it does accomplish the sense and tone of the time in an affordable rendition.

Some things I learned while doing this project. It was the LAW that heads be covered. The model does not have a bandana or snood - Meri does have a bandana and the hat will actually be worn on top of the bandana. Most hats felt or straw were worn over a smaller cap. Brooches were pinned on hats, cameos were popular.

My thought for a Pirate Lass was that she would be bold and a bit gaudy and would cover her hat with loot and treasure- thus the lace, feather, pearls, jewels; and natural beautiful bits - the flowers and rattan cone. Ribbon streamers were popular handing from girdles so I figured they could be used on hats as well. The design leaves room for more bits and baubles to be added as Meri continues her pirate adventures.


Weaver said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Wish I could stumble upon that Pirate Lass at a Ren Faire :) Congrats on another fine addition to your "done" pile :

Merily said...

The hat came today. :D It's even prettier in person! I can't wait to wear it to the faire! I may have to dress in costume before then so I can get pictures.

Thanks so much for the awesome Alchemy experience, and for this lovely write up about it!

PhantomMinuet said...

A lovely creation. Kudos to you both. :-) What is the Alchemy feature? I haven't run across it before.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh you translated all the girl pirate elements into the perfect hat. I love that more baubles can be added later; and on going personality enhancement that only time and experiences can enable.

And..added bonus: you broke the news about the hat on THURRRRSDAY...(every Thursday is talk like a pirate day around here...)

Marie said...

What a fantastic hat to wear to the Ren Faire! You did such a great job, as always.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I applaud this hat; and further more applaud the idea that all Pirate Lasses now have a millinery icon for which to aspire. You did great! I love that it is also a work in process, future pirate plunder should used to adorn a fashionable hat like that

And double coolness for knowing to post the pirate hat on Thurrrrsday...

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Weaver!

Meri, Yippee! So thrilled you like it even better in person. Hopefully, you can tell by the article, this was an awesome Alchemy experience for me as well. Am so thankful you chose to work with me. Many Hugs, Jane

Lynda Lehmann said...

Wonderful work! You are so good with your hands. I'm glad Merily is pleased!