Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Treat Bag - DIY

Now 5 and her Mom were here on Thursday for a fall crafting day. They host a family and friends Halloween Party each year. As part of the decoration and treats for this years party they wished to make small treat bags to stuff for the children who will attend the party. They put a challenge to me to come up with a way to make a simple treat bag that would 1. help Mom get back into sewing and 2. that Now 5 could help make.

Here is the basic bag -
The part the Mom did:
To get bags 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall (inside measurements); 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall (outside measurements)

1. tear two strips of fabric (you can cut it, but tearing is so much fun and so fast) 7 inches wide. We used orange for one side, black for the other. Press them flat.

2. On the orange strip - mark sewing and cutting lines.
a. mark one long line inch from the top and one inch from the bottom

b. now make the vertical lines for the sides of the bag and cutting lines. We used regular pencil for the sewing lines and a bright color pencil for the cutting lines.
c. pin ribbon or 1 inch single fold bias tape along the top horizontal line of both fabric strips- edge stitch it in place to make a casing for the drawstring.
d. put the two strips wrong sides together. Pin in the center of each bag.
e. sew from the bottom of the casing around the bag shape and up to the casing on the other side. Just keep moving along the strip sewing the bag shapes.

Time for the young one to help, depending on age this can be done either with supervision or independently.

1. cut the bags apart - cut along the bright line (Now 5 was able to do this fine)
2. cut the corners out of each bag - (Now 5 had trouble with this, so the corner trimming was done by me)
3. cut the fringe. (Now 5 did very well with this using her small fabric scissors, having the black stitching on the orange bag let her see the line easily and she snipped the fringe edging without cutting through the stitching line. She was able to do this on her own.)
4. cut 1/4 inch ribbons into 16 inch lengths. (We marked 16 inches on a plastic ruler with painters tape, Now 5 was able to lay out the ribbon, measure it against the ruler and cut the ribbons.)
5. insert the drawstrings through the casings - (We used a metal guide, this task required more motor skill and use of both hands working together, was more difficult for Now 5 and did take adult assistance. Also found it helpful to put a pin through the end of the ribbon as pulling the ribbon all the way through the casing was a problem for her.)
6. tie a knot in the drawstring. (Now 5 is just learning to tie shoes, and this knot was a bit beyond her at the end of the day.)

The basic bags are done. And we were out of time for this session. Now 5 and her Mom may add some decoration, either with fabric markers or gluing on fun foam or fabric decorations another day.
Not many process photos, these were done on my trial bags; and while the camera was available during crafting time, I never seem to get to snapping photos as we just get too busy doing the crafting. If more photos would help, let me know and I'll try and get some done.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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krex said...

Very cute...and they can keep them to put all their found treasures shinny rocks and pieces of bark...or was I the only kid that did that?

Looks like a sewing prject even I might be able to do...yea! Good job.