Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Silhouette Patch Caps

, These 4 black caps kept staring at me wanting to move on - So finally got it together to creates some more animal silhouette patches. This time tried a black lab and a horse head. Uh, does the one horse look more like a Great Dane to anyone else? The dog look fine to me, but not so sure about the horses.

The silhouettes are done with a combination of needle punching the silhouette into a base fabric (with barbed needle felting needles) to fuse the fabrics together and make the black fabric the same level as the base fabric. Then machine button hole stitch the edge. Next machine buttonhole stitch the silhouette circle onto a larger circle - sometimes adding more circles.

Three of these are hanging out on Etsy looking for new homes. The forth - the Camo Dog Patch is has gone out to hunt up donations for a fellow Minnesotan, Mitch Carlson. Sure hope Camo Dog flushes out some high bidders. The cap along with many other items will be in a silent auction at the Mitch Carlson Benefit Spaghetti Dinner And Auction on October 18, 2008 5pm-10p.m. Wishing Mitch and family all the best. While it is in Minnesota, it is too far south of Bemidji for me to get there so......

If any of you who read here, would like to give support, encouragement, contribute to the benefit for Mitch, do check out the Benefit Blog. They won't be having an online component for bidding, so if you purchase any of the three remaining silhouette patch caps from Glorious Hats store, I'll send $10 for each cap purchased to the Mitch Carlson Benefit fund. Thanks so much.


Shalana Frisby said...

That's a wonderful thing that you are doing to raise money. I hope the auction goes very, very well.

And, I "tagged" you on my blog :)

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Shalana, I hope the auction and other fund raising events go well for Mitch too. He is a relation of one of the Minnesota Etsy Street Team members and it is great that we can share our talents and let Mitch and family know we care.

Neat of you to think to tag me, just did one a week or so ago, so will sit out this tag. It was fun to read your responses.

Shalana Frisby said...

I understand about sitting the tag out - it took three tags before I participated ;O)

And, I just returned from vacation in Minnesota today! The hubby and I went to the North Shore area just north of Duluth. It is really beautiful there this time of year :)