Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Dress-Up for Girls

Bonnet and Apron made from Construction Paper, Paper Napkin, and Twill Tape.

At Now 5s Halloween Party, it tickled me to see how much the children enjoyed dressing up in costume. So have been looking for a good Thanksgiving Dress Up to do this month. There are several how tos on line for hats for both boys and girls, but nothing on aprons (that I found anyway.) Tried out several hat DIYs and came up with the apron based on a party apron my youngest sister's Grandmother in -law used to make 30 some years ago. Mimi is long gone, but her craftyness was remembered.

Hope to be back here tomorrow with a tutorial for both hat and apron. It is taking me some time to edit the photos and write it up. Just wanted to give you a taste of what is coming. ;D

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capitolagirl said...

That is a cute idea. I know some of the little girls in my life love dressing up, I'll have to suggest your idea to their Moms!