Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Omega

At long last, Tranquility Pastures has a farm dog. His name is Omega, he is 6 weeks and 3 days old. For now he is housed in a suite in the Main Barn. A 6 foot by 10 foot play area and a warm hut area with a bed.
The red is from the red light heat lamp over the warm hut area. He is a Norwegian Elk Hound so does not need a hot area, but as a pup still needs more warmth than just a dog house. So for his first winter this is the set up - all within an inclosed room in the big barn.

He seems to be adjusting well to us and we are thoroughly enjoying and loving him. We are working on getting Omega used to a harness so we can go on walks and teach him what is what around the farm. He does enjoy indoor cuddle time, indoor play time, and outdoor walk abouts.


Penemue Bound said...

Okay, cutest puppy ever? Quite possibly!

Anonymous said...

When ever I question a higher powers existence, I need only look at the wonder of his furry creations. Knowing all the trouble that these small beasts can get into, someone very wise must have designed them to be so cute that we tolerate their antics and misbehavior....a lot like little kids, I guess.

Marie said...

Omega is so cute! I'm sure he will fit in well at the farm.