Friday, March 06, 2009

First Calf of 2009

Arrived at Tranquility Pastures Farm, coming out backwards, on March third.

Here he is on March 5, saying "no big deal, Jane"

Well gosh kiddo, ol' farmer Frank and I were concerned, especially with you being the firt born for this young cow.

Billy Goat (the cow, so named for standing on a small hill in the corral and challenging all comers to knock her off) is pretty pleased with her young 'un.

They are bonding well, calf is drinking like a trooper. Will stay in the barn another day or two, then be released with mom into the nursery corral to enjoy the great outdoors.


niftyknits said...

all together now "aaaaaaahhhhh, aren't they sweet?"

Jaci said...

It's adorable!

ZaftigDelights said...

How sweet! Spring has definitely sprung. :)


baharcollection said...

It`s wonderful, :))

Marie said...

The little calf is so cute! Congrats on your growing farm family.