Monday, March 16, 2009

Preparing for Shepherd's Harvest Festival

Monday is laundry day here on the farm; a little house cleaning and fitting in a bit of hand work now and again.

For the next few months, until Shepherd's Harvest Festival, most of my creative work will be focused on making things to take and sell there; or making things related to the selling experience.

Today's bits:

Preparing yarns and jute rope for making hand braided cords for a handbag.

First set is ready to go. Second and third lengths cut. Photo - also helps me remember color order so all 3 cords will look similar. Another reason to love digital photos. Don't have to write it down and no deciphering problem.

Wrapping wool roving into ball shapes - to become felt beads.

The smaller ones are finished beads, the pale aqua ones are just wrapped roving balls. I like to do 10 to 15 dry wraps, then wet felt them.

Getting a photo to show you all the reinforced recycled plastic mesh bags, to use to stow customer goods to carry off after purchase. Left over but still good yarn bits stitched into the bottom of the mesh bags.

Next off to walk the pup. Then watch some TV and roll some felt into beads.

A good day.


krex said...

Awesome Jane ! Great to see your work in progress . (Does anyone but another crafter know how many steps go into each project ?) I'm still working on step one of the bag project...organizing fabrics to use for them......Deep breath...less then two months to go .


niftyknits said...

I wondered how felt beads came to life, thank you!

Retro Vertigo said...

You're fantastic Jane! So happy to make you laugh...