Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ReUsable Ecofriendly Packaging

Why fabric bags of course!

As Denise and I think and talk and plan for Shepherd's Harvest, the topic of reuse, recycle, eco-friendly crops up. So thinking about applying that to what type of packaging to use. Even though we try to minimize our personal accumulation of plastic bags, oh somehow, they still enter our homes. So thought we might recycle those. But, that did not feel so good.

While choosing fabric for a Shepherd's Poncho (soon to be revealed - stay tuned), it dawned on me that there are lots of bits, ends and unused fabric in my fabric collection aka stash. So perhaps with a little effort that flat fabric might become Shopping Bags.

But what to do to make them easy carry, sturdy, nice looking, yet not take lots of time. The standard ribbon ties in one side is the quickest bag to make, and while nice for presenting presents, not so great for carrying off a purchase. So came up with the above design with one long loop and one short loop. Much quicker to make than a drawstring bag, yet keeps the opening closed and creates a carry handle.

Not sure how many will be needed, not sure how many will be able to make before Shepherd's Harvest - but going through the fabric boxes one by one, pulling out "bag" fabrics and sewing them up in between creating goods to fill them. As you can see the first set is red. Have a few more reds to sew up. Then on to blue.

Now hopefully, visitors to Shepherd's Harvest will like some of our work well enough to pay for it. Plus will be additionally pleased to take that item away in a fabric shopping bag.

If you received such a shopping bag, how would you reuse it?


krex said...

These are great Jane, I thought they were drawstrings and just bought a bunch of "line" to but in my drawstring bags...opps, Will take much less to just make loops, thanks for the tip .


Glorious Hats said...

Hi Denise, thanks, so glad you like them. YOu can still use the "line" - the orange tabs on the largest bag are a type of cotton cording.

Drawstring bags are great too. Just take more time to sew, a little more fabric, and more cording. So increased the cost.

While these are not as sturdy as a drawstring bag for a heavy load, they are reasonably sturdy and easy to carry and keep closed. And still well sewn and IMHO look nice.