Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stars in the Sky

Stars in the night sky are familiar to Shepherds and Herdsmen. Especially now in late winter and early spring. The time when babies arrive on our farms. Not sure how shepherds plan lambing; but for us here at Tranquility Pastures with our Polled Hereford Cattle, we get the bull and cows together at a time we hope will create calving in March and April.

The goal is for calving when the weather is crisp, relatively dry, some snow still on the ground, ground still frozen. Very young calves seem to do better in temps that are bit chilly as opposed to the thaw, mud and rain of full spring.

Whether the moms to be are young, or old hands at birthing and raising their young; problems can arise. Thus, this brings me back to the topic - Stars in the Sky - bet you thought I'd lost the point. :D

Dark Midnight and Pre-dawn and occasionally 3am, find the two leggeds out hiking among the herd, counting cows, checking behinds for signs of pending births. Often in that amble, one stops to gaze above and peer into the star dotted sky. Those times are beautiful indeed.

With thoughs of that lovely part of the late night and predawn ambles, created a Scarf and Bag.

The bag is navy corduroy with free-motion machine embroidery. Lined with heavy cotton. The strap is hand braided (7 strand kumihimo style) with one strand being jute twine to add strength. A nice big inside sectioned pocket too. Made a bag in this shape last summer and enjoyed it so much, am making more to sell.

The triangle scarf is handy and fun, wraps with more of the same hand braided cord as in the bag.

And yes you guessed it, these two are destined for Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival.

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niftyknits said...

now I understnd how you often seem to be around when you should be asleep! We saw a few new calves when walking today, can't wait to see the lambs springing around. I love spring :-)