Friday, March 20, 2009

Vendor, Herder, Shepherd Poncho in Development

This is a prototype sleeved apron/poncho. My original idea was to make a poncho to use when working cattle. Especially when giving shots/immunizations later this spring. It usually starts out cold in the morning and gets warm by afternoon.

Wanted something to keep me comfortable throughout the day,- but not be too flappy. Flappy is not conducive to happy cattle, tends to spook them. Found a great basic hiking poncho pattern from the 1970s. No pocket, so using the basic concept, reworking it and adding pocket.

My dream poncho/apron would have at least two pockets- short but tall to put the syringes. One pocket for filled syringes, one pocket for emptied. Each cow gets 3 shots, it helps to work fast, pockets assist that and let the handler have hands free when getting the animal into the shoot. We use a squeeze shoot to help hold the animal. Done correctly makes it safer for animal and caretakers.

Then, oh happy day, was accepted to Shepherd's Harvest as a vendor of fiber arts - thought perhaps both vendors and shepherds might also find a similar style of poncho valuable.

For the vendor poncho/apron came up with this pocket:
The pen slot is closed at pen level so the pen cannot slip down to the hem. A 7x9 inch envelope is shown in the large center pocket. Main money envelope fits here. The two side pockets are smaller - for coins, cell phone, etc.

The inside of the pocket:
Bright multi-color cotton lining for durability, the cotton is sewn shorter at the bottom than the outside pocket fabric - making the inside more sturdy.

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