Friday, April 03, 2009

A look back - What I was Sewing Ten Years Ago

A Dam Buster Hat --- still going strong and in use upon occasion:

From the Christmas letter we sent out in 1999.

So far this year my most unusual sewing project has been a Dam-Buster Hat for Frank. Here in northern MN we frequently battle the beavers for our pasture and field land. They want to turn it into lakes, we want to graze cattle or use it for hay crop to feed the cows during the winter. Seldom do we actively kill beaver. We do engage in breaking up the dams and forcing the beaver to relocate to other spots, often still on our property. Since it is also an area of sloughs (kind of marshy land) the mosquitoes are plentiful.

So Frank now has a brimmed hat with netting from brim down to his mid chest and back. He had tried a baseball cap (the standard head gear of MN men) with a mosquito net, but the little bugs would still get his ears and neck. I also used string elastic loops he puts under his arms so when he bends over to dig, the hat with net stays in place. It actually works! Now he wants polar fleece long johns.


And yes he did get his desire and I made him some polar fleece long johns, toasty warm, however the long johns wore out a few year back. Minnesota winters are long and cold.

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niftyknits said...

jane the world NEEDS a photo of Frank modelling those items!