Sunday, April 05, 2009

Replication using Die Cuts - Mutiple flowers on a Refashioned Denim Hat

Like many of the hats used for refashioning, found this one in a Thrift Store. (tangential tip here: At the end of a season, one can often pick up new with tag hats in thrift stores. Or choose ones that can be washed or cleaned, and clean them before refashioning.) A relatively simple bucket hat, with fabulous tucks and folds in the crown. A cool soft blue denim fabric, lined in white cotton. Durable, comfortable, perfect color for spring and summer. Just needed a bit of dash and character to give it some springtime pizzazz.

Cutting multiple small shapes accurately is not one of my great skills. While I am best at creating things that are asymmetrical, free form, and non-repetitious, I also like things with symmetry and with pieces that are consistent. When neat regularity is desired, fabric die cuts come to the rescue. They are fast, crisp edged and efficient.

Cut lots and lots of tiny blue flowers from wool-blend felts scraps. (Remember the blue purses from last spring? Now much of the left over bits have been turned into pretty flower shapes). The AccuCut dies and die cutting machine I have are made in the USA in Fremont, Nebraska, the husbands home town. Flowers-Itty-Bitty is the name of the die used for this hat.

While my machine has a special roller and acrylic plates to help with clean cuts on fabric, there are lots of dies I do not own. The Ben Franklin Store in Bemijdi, however, also has an AccuCut die cutting machine and a nice selection of dies, intended for use by scrapbookers. When cutting fabric on that machine, I simply take scrap paper along with me and make a paper/fabric/paper sandwich, place it on the die and run it under the roller. (Sort of like running a hand worked wringer washing machine). This works great too. Ah, I digress...

Back to the hat. After creating the multitude of tiny beautifully cut flower shapes, got out the needle, thread, and some gorgeous peridot color glass or crystal beads. They really sparkle and are definitely not plastic - but being another thrift store find, don't know for sure. The lime green nylon cording, alas, was purchased at full price - but still had it on hand. (Am so drawn to lime green, there is an abundance of fabric and findings in that color in my stash, herrrm, collection.

Hand stitched the flowers on, then stitched one bead into the center of each flower. Wrapped and stitched the cord around as a hat band, tied the bow, and then stitched a flower on the bow ends. Hand shaped the brim to turn the bucket hat into more of a cloche look and viola

A happy spring hat.


krex said...

That is a really cute hat and "yea!" for refashioning .

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Lime green is irresistable for me too. Cute "kick around day" hat!