Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tips on Photographing Stone Jewelry - Lighting

If you read Mission to Improve Photographs - you know about my search for quality photos of stone earrings in listings on Etsy. Today, am sharing wisdom gleaned from some of those artists. Tomorrow you will meet a few more of these fabulous people. But for today - the focus is lighting.

Lighting of course is crucial in photographs used in Etsy Listings. Harsh light or flash flattens the look, too dark and viewers do not get enough detail in the thumbnail shots that come up in a search list. So a photo that is light, but soft with great depth really shows the work to best advantage.

Many of the stone jewelry artists queried stressed filtered light, whether by picking a window area on the shaded side, shooting outdoors on a cloudy day, using a light box - the same general lighting considerations relevant for photographing small objects. Several prefer taking photos outdoors in natural light.

Julien of Just Julien says: “....always take photos outside in the shade, You get good bright photos with out being washed out by the full sun.” Hoop Earrings(Lauderdale Lady)Green Adventurine by JustJulien

Jeannie of BeadStylin recommends : “if you are photographing a dark stone, it is essential that your light source NOT come from behind but come from straight on (in front). I do not believe in photographing in full sun, but on tougher gemstone colors, a little "dappled" sun is okay.”

Tidepool...Blue Crazy Lace Agate Sterling Earrings by Bead Stylin'

Along this line, Sally of SASessories reports: I like to sometimes shoot directly into the light so the light is behind the stone and actually lights up the stone (if a more transparent type), this only works when I'm lucky and takes a little practice, since you are shooting into the light, which normally produces a dark shadowy substance, it only works at just the right angle with just the right lighting. but sometimes shooting from the source of the light and directly onto the lit side of the stones is the most effective (especially with opaque stones).
Amethyst Drops by SASessories

and here is a another set of earrings by Sally. These were on the front page of Etsy today. Hurray! Dainty in Purple Lepidolite by SASessories

Julien, Jeannie, and Sally are just three of the artists with work in the Treasury collection I chose. All of the jewelry artists in this group, use light to produce quality photos for their listings. You will meet more of them tomorrow, when the topic turns to backgrounds and props.

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Tidepool junipermoon MESA MaggieMcManeDesigns Red Sponge Coral lyndee495 Carnelian Drops BlueberryCream Amazonite stephaniegibson Dancing Wine Berry SASessories Amethyst Drops JustJulien Green Adventurine moondogtreasures volcanic islands ourfrontyard Copper Turquoise


Moondog said...

Thanks for taking on such a daunting task as "taking the perfect photo". :)

Great advice so far! I'm taking notes.

Peggy said...

Need all the help I can get. Thanks for the tips.

krex said...

I will deffinatly change where I take my photos from now on...Have been doing them under direct light from the window and getting very washed out results . Great tips...thanks .