Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips on Photographing Stone Jewelry - Serendipity

Last but not least, in this series of tips gleaned from fabulous Etsyians who in my opinion created lovely photo presentations of their semi-precious stone earrings, a thought about capturing the rare and unique moments that arise.

Don't hesitate to jump on the rare and unusual photo opportunities that come your way. Lynda of Lyndee495 turned a cat problem into a great shot. She says “The picture of my cat, Junior, behind the earrings really just happened because he wouldn't leave me alone and finally I just gave up and shot the picture with him there. If I tried to do that again or pose him, trust me, it wouldn't happen. LOL I did it as a lark and the person who did my banner thought it was great and I should use it as my avatar and they were right. I get more attention from Junior than anything else!!! “

Carnelian Drops by Lyndee495

Sometimes the seemingly ordinary bits and pieces in your home become oh so appropriate showcases. For instance this yummy photo of Amazonite earrings in a wooden spoon, by Ana of Blueberry Cream.

Others such as, Elena of Hummingbird Montana take their work and camera on a walk finding settings along the way. Elena says; "If you walk around outside, you can find LOTS of great props to either hang your jewelry on or lay it on. In my yard, some of the neat things I found and used were a tree stump, moss, flat landscaping rocks, sedum plants in the winter, and all sorts of flowers in the summer. I've also used some of our landscape art to hang earrings on. An example would be a pair of white lucite earrings that are hanging from the wing of a hummingbird decoration that you stick in a pot. Sometimes I use a piece of pretty hardwood that my husband (who's a woodworker) has and I lay a necklace on that. You don't want the background to be too busy or have too many colors. Remember that your jewelry is the focus of the photograph, not the background.

To avoid going in and out of the house to see how your photos look on the computer, take a bunch of each piece of jewelry at different angles, some in the sun, some in the shade, and using different props. Good luck and have fun OUTDOORS!"Breccia by Hummingbird Montana

And that concludes this photo tips series. Again many thanks and great appreciation to the jewelry artisans who inspired me with their work on presenting charming photography of semiprecious stone earrings. A parting view of them collected in a treasury (one not shown in the collection was an alternate). Plus a list of each store and link to their listing photos used. An amazing and lovely group of people. Thank you, thank you!

karmelidesignsLarvikite and Black Onyx
marcomagro JUMPING FISH
beadstylin Tidepool
junipermoon MESA
MaggieMcManeDesigns Red Sponge Coral
lyndee495 Carnelian Drops
BlueberryCream Amazonite
stephaniegibson Dancing Wine Berry
SASessories Amethyst Drops
JustJulien Green Adventurine
moondogtreasures volcanic islands
ourfrontyard Copper Turquoise



niftyknits said...

outdoors so often is best, I agree. Love the cat shot!

Moondog said...

I love the photo w/ the cat. Just had to go in and check out her shop. It's so very true -capture that unusual shot when it presents itself!! Thanks for this series of photo tips! It's been fun.

Marie said...

I love the picture with Junior! I am always trying to get my Jake out of the pictures too. Maybe I should take 1 with him in it.