Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tips on Photographing Stone Jewelry - Backgrounds

Previously we looked at lighting and staging. Today's article looks at backgrounds when taking photographs of semi-precious gemstone jewelry. White is often a bit stark for these stones, look for grounds that brings out the richness and color of the stone.

Regine of Karmeli Designs combines mom duties with finding great backgrounds. She says: “I am going a lot to the zoo with my smaller kids, and found there some great animal - nature postcards, that I use as background for my pictures." Larvikite and Black Onyx by Karmeli Designs

The black stones look like they are emerging right out of a forge with this great fire/sun like background. Another inexpensive source of background mentioned by several of those interviewed was scarpbooking paper.

Have an atlas on hand? That is what Susan of moondog treasures uses as photo backdrops that also tie into her branding. She relates: “A funny thing about my store is that I chose my banner (one of my favorite pictures of a trip to Venice Beach) before I even listed my items. Because of the beachy nature of the banner, I chose the ocean as a theme for my work. I use an atlas as the background. I usually choose a map that features Texas or Mexico because they are close to my home.” Susan also notes: “This works for me because it's convenient - a set-up that is directly to the left of my computer. I just take the pics, edit them with Picasa 3, and post them directly to Etsy. “ volcanic islands earrings by moondog treasures

Others such as Marco of Marco Magro find backgrounds in the great outdoors. He relates: “I like most the pictures with a "natural" backgrounds, also because I think to put my deeply way of life and thinking beautiness on them...I live in the country, in the beautiful and green Tuscany, and when I work from the lab's window I see the nature, I can't live without having contact with. Not in any occasion but really often I took the inspiration from the nature. Finally I hope that a part of me passes in the pictures, not only in the items themselves. Hope I explain you my way of thinking with english is quite basic...” Ah but so heart felt and eloquent. Jumping Fish by Marco Magro

Keeping the background consistent with the inspiration makes work really sing.


Moondog said...

I'm so excited that one of my photos made your blog!! I love reading everyone's advice!

marcomagro said...

thank you very much! I appreciate very much!

Pink said...

Those are wonderful photos! I wish my items were small enough to do that with.

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks and glad you like it Moondog and Marco.

Pink - visited your blog and etsy shop. Great purses and other goods. One idea on extrapolating ideas from this for creating backgrounds for larger work is to use artist paper - sheets that are 2'x3' or a roll of matte wrapping paper or tissue. Tape or pin it to a wall and let it roll onto a table or shelf - that way there is no line behind the item.

I'll work on getting some photos of that and will convo you the image on Etsy.

Thanks so much for stopping here for a visit.

My Mother's Garden said...

Great tips on photos! Thank you for sharing all of this information!