Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spears coming up through the Ground

Green, tasty, yummy spears

While an asparagus plot has always been a dream, it has not happened since we bought "the farm" in 1972. However, this small circle of asparagus has always been present. It grows larger every year.

It resides near the old log cabin, which the original homesteaders used as a smithy for doing horse shoes and other smithly type work. *we now use it for our Maple Syrup boiling spot each spring.

And the when we moved here full time in 1984 or so, and began taming more of the yard around the buildings, we found another small circle of asparagus alongside a pasture fence.

Oh, these are not so many spears, but such wonderful size and so tasty raw in salad or just for nibbling.

Earlier this spring did go south to Park Rapids to "Carter's Red Wagon" farm market and got 10 pounds of lovely asparagus that is now in the freezer for good eats all year long. Just an hour or so south of us, but asparagus is usually ready there two to three weeks before we see it coming up here.


Pamela Zimmerman said...

congratulations! I am so jealous...but then, i would never be able to do what it takes. Enjoy them!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Asperagus patch should always be mentioned in real estate listings, don't you think? It is a real selling point!