Thursday, July 16, 2009

Computer Woes -- but still Good things Happening

Just a note that this blog has been on hiatus as we are experiencing computer difficulties. For awhile now we have been limping along with an aged laptop because our primary computer crashed. We live rural and have not been able to get it fixed locally - being also in the midst of haying season, cannot take it to the nearest service place (over 2 hrs away) until after hay harvest is done. So until then, we have no picture upload ability and minimal agility online.

Still some wonderful things happening -

One of my hats has made it into the Etsy Voter for this week - Bathing Suits and Beach Gear Galore The photo unfortunately does not do justice to the hat, but at least did make it into the contest. The hat - Red with white flowers and polkadot lining, would be super with the red polka dot bathing suit that currently is way ahead in the vote counts - so while I have no illusions of winning the contest, would appreciate votes as no vote is wasted and a good showing does help get items into the gift guide gallery that opens after the contest. So if you have an Etsy account and have not yet voted, please consider popping over to vote. Thanks so much.

The matching tote bag has been featured in the blog Red Ruby on Fire What a grand way to begin my day.

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