Saturday, August 15, 2009

Homage to Elders - National Senior Citizen's Day - Aug 21

After curating "Homage to Elders" in Etsy's Treasury, began to think about Elders from my past. Then along came the idea to collect stories from others so we can share and rejoice in valued people. Am sharing a copy of the collection here and asking you to share a story in comments here or link to a story on your own blog or website.

to go to the active collection click here. The collection will be active until CST 6am Aug 17, 2009

The individual pieces above spoke to me in many ways - some showed the whimsey, the wrinkles, the elegance that can come with aging; some showed the challenges, the stuggles of growing older; some shared items created to facilitate daily activities as a body weakens; all showed reverence for elders.

Credits to individual artists by Etsy shop name:
line 1 - Michelle Red Elk, A Little Character, Serie Project
line 2 - Dandy Dwelling, Made by Mari, The Head Down Arts
line 3 - Robbi's Gallery, Addie Bugs, Plastic Squid
Line 4 - Matechuk, Japanesque Accents, Braided Light


Glorious Hats said...

My Grandfather was a storyteller. One of my fondest memories is ae weekend when he and Grandma came to stay at our house for a short vacation. Saturday morning found us children arrayed on the floor in front of Grandpa as he sat in an easy chair and entertained us with tales of fishing trips, friends, and everyday life. After a time Grandma called our Mother into the bedroom chiding Mother to make the children turn off the TV so Grandma could sleep longer in peace and quiet. When she learned there was no TV running, but Grandpa spinning tales... she harrumphed, turned over and either slept or got up. Grandpa kept spinning. We did not have Grandpa for very long, as he died on his 60th birthday... but the time we had with him was memorable.

niftyknits said...

Thank you for sharing that story Jane. I have no personal stories to share, but I was moved to read of the deaths last month of two of the last three surviving British veterans of WWI : Henry Allingham (113) and Harry Patch (111) . We will not see their like again.

Glorious Hats said...

Oh Nifty, thanks so much for sharing those links. Hugs, Jane

ZaftigDelights said...

What a lovely article Jane!

I left you some "love" on my blog. Be sure to check it out!