Friday, August 28, 2009

A Sewing Day with "Is Six"

No photos, a shame in a way, but have been keeping sewing days with "Is Six" and her mom camera free, so we all focus on the tasks at hand. It has been a fun summer, the times when we can get together a couple of weeks in a row work so well. Is Six now has some nice machine time in - and has even used the sewing machine at her home to finish the doll blanket we started last week.

The first machine time was random lines on acrylic felt - just to get a feel for stitching. Variegated thread on colorful felt made it fun for her. At home, with mom's guidance Is Six turned this sampler/practice piece into a doll house rug by sewing it onto a backing.

The second machine event was making a flannel doll blanket with narrow hems on all sides. I sewed one for the baby sister as a demo, Is Six got both long edges completed, and the two short edges turned 1x during our session. She completed the blanket at home, and even made a second blanket. This girl is turning into a sewest for sure!

This week the focus was on a pillow to match the blanket. Refresh narrow hem (short edge on back of pillow) then, seaming, corners; and topstitch to make a flanged pillow. Is Six had not slept well and was not in a place to focus for the machine work herself this time. However, she watched me complete a pillow for her lil' sis and brightened considerably to see it progress and was delighted at how topstitching a rectangle created a self flange and made the pillow fancier. She was able to pick felt colors, cut flowers with the die cut machine, and hand sew them in place. Thus we finished the pillow for her sis; and Is Six cut enough flowers to take home and put on her own pillow when she finishes it.

In between steps at the sewing machine, pressing, etc. we worked on a restoration project. Taking some dingy vintage doll clothes scored at an auction, she learned the Biz soak and rinse. It was fun to see the dirt lift off and the dingy slip and cape turn white and bright again.

While Is Six and I were going between sewing and cleaning; her mom was continuing with her own project - a sunshine yellow gingham sundress. She is coming along nicely. Getting back into sewing, in order to help her girls.

We just have such a good time, working, chatting, making neat stuff.

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