Friday, September 04, 2009

Halloween Party - Planning a Spookapalozza

One of my younger friends and her family host a fabulous Halloween Party each year. I'm one of the few adults (or is that addles who dress up in costume for it) Most of the children are babies up to age 7, they like to be scared, but not nightmare scary... so this collection is aimed at things for that sort of party group and age.

this treasury is active Through 11:30pm Sept 5, 2009 (you see the alternates in this copy - the lighter photos on the right)

Wonderful spiderweb plate, can you imagine serving severed finger cookies on that plate? Well, maybe for the target age group in this party, would make frosted pumkin and ghost shapes. :D

Glow in the dark Candy Corn Necklace , oh the Mom (my friend) would look so fab in this, and the kids would so enjoy seeing it glow in the dark

Halloween Mini Album, IsSix, enjoys scrap booking is so wonderfully crafty, and would love the album to journal and put in pics of this years party.

Handsome George Skeleton Pocket Mirror, what a great non-calorie, low sugar treat for young and old alike.

The Zombie Eyeballs are 2 1/2 inches in diameter so a great size for little hands. These just crack me up. And how fun to use for a child's game of ball toss.

Hope you had as much fun looking at all this and planning a party as I did.

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niftyknits said...

I hope we're going to see a photo of you in your costume?