Monday, September 14, 2009

I Flew the Coop

Headed down to New Hope to explore some fiberly adventures. Stayed with Denise and we met up with another friend, Eileen. We were all signed up for a Nuno felting class taught by Kris Post on Saturday. On Friday evening the goal was to dye silk scarves to use in Saturday's class.

Oh yes, I doubted we could do it so quickly, oh yes, I drug my feet. You see, none of us had set up dyes before that night. I still haven't. Thankfully, Denise figured out the mixtures and amounts, prepared concoctions and pastes then blended the powders and liquefied the dyes. Once she had the dyes made up, well hey OK, then I was able to get some dye on sponges and from there onto a scarf. Denise got dye onto 4 scarves and two small silk purses, while I went to bed. It was already well past my bedtime. You see Denise is a night worker so is used to late late nights. While I'm used to early nights and early awakenings.

This however worked out well, because the dye need to set in the scarves for at least 4 hours. I got up a 5am and rinsed the scarves, while Denise slept. When she got up at 8am we did a final synthropol wash and popped the scarves in the dryer. Out of her place by 9:15 and made it to class nicely before the 10am start time.

There we met Eileen, Kris Post the teacher, and two other students. The next 4 hours were spent laying out a design in wool on top of the silk scarf, then getting the wool to merge into the silk. Which meant much rolling the scarf wrapped up in bubble wrap. Roll and turn, roll and look.

Here are Eileen (in front) and Denise (in back) rocking and rolling their scarves.

Other than a few minutes to grab a little bit of lunch, my time was focused on rocking and rolling..... so have no other photos to share.

Eveyone in the class ended up with a beautiful scarf. Hopefully, I'll get a photo of mine tomorrow morning to share. And Eileen as well. Denise has her scarf and story posted on her blog already. Yay! Denise! Denise truly was the class Queen with the most unexpected and beautiful design, one totally unique, brilliant art to wear quality. Even the teacher was most impressed, with the colors, the design, and how far Denise took nuno felting in her first attempt.

We all had a marvelous time and learned so very much. If you ever have an opportunity to take a feltmaking class from Kris Post, grab it. She was friendly, spent individual time with every student, offered sound information and shared her enthusiasm for this wool silk medium.

A fabulous weekend with friends learning neat neat skills.


krex said...

Thanks for all the praise Jane (me blushing), I had a great time this weekend, wish you didn't live so darn far away so we could do this more often .

Kellybot said...

Again, I say, wish we could've seen you -- we could've scheduled a team meet and greet!