Thursday, September 24, 2009

More on Photo Progress - the difference a year makes

Still working, still struggling, still not really happy with my photos....... but they are definitely improved. Midnight Terror is one of the more real art pieces in my body of work. It still recalls for me the reasons it was created, the raw emotion, the fear, the horror, the empathy for two friends and their families after nightmare awful traumatic experiences. Not sure any will want or will wear this "art to wear" scarf but it would likely not hold the same horror for them that it does for me; and may simply be a wonderfully scary item to someone else. So threw it up on the Glorious Hats Etsy shop last year, but because of the very poor quality photos never renewed it.

At long last, have garnered the strength to do another photo shoot of this piece. Still not capturing the power "Midnight Terror" has for me; but definitely closer than last year. Also, this time was able to add a bit more description of the horror/terror. An interesting personal journey for me.

At any rate look at the change ......

2008 listing

2009 listing

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krex said...

WOw...What a difference a year makes . The second pic is much more likely to make me click...just enough detail to make me curious and colors "pop" .

Besides the photo's also a really cool looking scarf but I'm glad that you didn't mention the negative connection for you on Etsy because that makes the scarf TO scary to be fun .