Sunday, October 04, 2009

Brown Mustasche makes a Front Page Appearance

In an Etsy Admin selected collection:

The needle felted androgynous head wearing a bowler hat and Brown Mustache disguise hit the front page of Etsy last night after I had gone to bed, thank you to FishStikks for letting me know it was up.

I have been meaning to get a shot of me wearing the blonde mustache I made for myself to use in the avatar for Glorious Hats here and on Etsy..... it is way fun to wear. Which is why I made more; hoping to spread the joy of mustache wearing. :D It started out as a joke. Then I found it was fun, fun, fun.

Have also been meaning to draw up a pattern for a yellow Vikings mustache, maybe this will spur me on to getting that done.


krex said...

Cool .....I had no idea there were so many people lusting after facial hair....I try and keep mine to a minimum : ) Good luck with the Vikings stash...That might be a real winner for Vikings game attenders .

PassionArte said...

ah ah very funny mustache! Congratulation on the Front Page!