Sunday, December 27, 2009

Of Mustaches and Dashing Young Men

If anyone had suggested at this time last year that I'd feel like a mustache Queen by this time this year. Why the laughter could have been heard around the globe.

None-the-less, that is exactly what has happened.

Meet a Happy recipient of a Luxurious Handlebar Mustache------

(photo used with permission)

Thanks to this dashing fellow's sister and other lovely people who purchased felt mustaches from ME. From ME.

Never dreamed I'd make so many, that the demand would be present, or that I'd enjoy making them so very much. But..... reality this past few months is: I did, there was, and I do.

Life can certainly have unexpected turns and twists. This has been a happy twirl for sure. It is a great kick to spread happiness to others through sewing faux facial hair. In the process, it has been a terrific joy to meet, if only online, delightful people such as the young woman who purchased a blonde mustache for her brother (above) and came back to buy a similar one in black because this one was so well received.

Many thanks to all the mustache disguise connoisseurs, trend setters, and neat people who have stopped in at Glorious Hats in 2009.


CatchAStar Creations said...

way to go jane!! How fun for you!! What a pleasure it is to make things that are so popular and in so much demand!! :D KUDOS!

krex said...

So great to be able to make things that we enjoy making and bring joy to others !

Mitch suggest that I join in and create a new mustache "like" felted item for my shop...."The Modern Merkin"...a rather naughty idea but perhaps he is on to something ?