Friday, January 01, 2010

Stepping up to the Plate of Life in 2010

Our home early morning January 1, 2010

Just as many other do at year's end, I spent much of December 2009, looking back: reviewing, thinking, contemplating events, feelings, life during the year. Am pleased in many ways and noted areas/ways to more fully embrace life as 2010 unfolds. Smiled and felt good about the ups; recognized the downs - letting go of what I cannot control and developing strategy to decrease the slides, not dig the pit deeper; and to maximize the uplifting.

Calf Corral and "New Barn" early morning January 1, 2010

Some years ago I read a book titled something like: "You Can Have Anything you Want" ---- with the smaller add on "but not everything you want." It made a lot of sense to me then, the concept is still relevant today. It helps me focus and consider direction and choices. It is really easy for me to gaze about and want to try many things, unfortunately, by spreading time, energy, talent in many directions, there is a tend not to do any of them well or to finish many projects. That would be OK, if I did not feel guilty, unsettled, unfulfilled looking at a chaotic mess. On the other hand, exacting routine, rote repetition, replication is deadly for me. Each year this is a struggle, balancing to keep motivated and stimulated which drives creative initiative; yet not falling into a chaotic pit which leads to incapacitation and feeling overwhelmed.

Old Log Smithy - now Maple Sugar Shack - early morning January 1, 2010

Lately, have been pondering consistency versus repetition. How to do some basic things routinely yet avoid the boring life draining repetition. Looking at ways to keep my environment stimulating not overwhelming. Organizational and management strategies to set a solid base that allows, promotes flexibility, creativity, joy of doing.

My Studio, early morning January 1, 2010


krex said...

Thanks for sharing...we certainly do battle the same demons and it is great to see you have identified the enemy...(boredom in rote and immobility in chaos)...the first goal to winning a war is naming the right enemy....(to bad GW Bush didn't know this rule of logic.)

I have faith that you will be able to apply your creativity to finding an answer that works for you .

After seeing your homestead, I am even more encouraged to brave the long drive to come see you some day.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thank you, Jane, for sharing the pictures of your property. What a lovely place it is! (And awfully cold right now too if the weather maps are right!)

You did a great job of mulling over the challenges that face us creative types. Your whimsical creations like mustaches and pins delight me...and keeping one's mind upbeat in trying time is so necessary to be creative in that manner. Heaven knows we don't really need more gloom art.

I'm hoping this decade will hold more reasons to joyfully create, and more beauty to appreciate. Thanks for being YOU!