Sunday, March 07, 2010

Last Week --Focused on gifts and learning.

Frank and I took a fabulous jewelry making class from Christina Thorne, jewelry artist and owner of "Bad Cat Creations Boutique" here in Bemidji. We learned to make nice loops, to strand, and other sound basics. Christina also includes information of safety and hand exercises. We are hoping the cows and calves co-operate so we both can attend the follow up advanced wire wrapping session next weekend. Above is a collection of the items we made along with a few other fiber items and a hat -- other work I managed to complete last week.

The Red Silk Rose on wool leaf is a new style rose, I was trying. Oh I like it. Planning to do more, this first one is a special gift to a friend for her mother to wear at the mom's 80th birthday party.

The Black Flower Fascinator is a gift for the young woman who so graciously modeled lots of my stuff and was so good natured about letting me take lots of photos to use to show off my stuff. Again, some new work on it, using a wider than usual elastic band, cutting it and covering the back of the flower/leaf with black flannel.

Then the Bowler Hat...... One of my nephews DJs for the Cincinnati Roller Girls. He has been coveting a Bowler Hat. Not just any Bowler Hat - a sensational one.... so this is my attempt at trimming a Bowler Hat. He called it "Brilliant" so am guessing I done OK on it. The feather cockade was crafted from feathers saved when a most gorgeous bird flew into one of our windows, broke it's neck and died. That was so sad. I harvested the birds feathers to honor the bird and keep it flying in other ways. (And oh yes, cleaned the feathers too.) The headband is a purple/brown silk dupioni, hand pleated with detachable bow. He can remove the purple, should he want a more plain, traditional, stately Bowler Hat. Some day a turn of the last century vest may be created to accompany the Hat.


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Good blog.

Eileen said...

I LOVE the bowler, and am pretty fascinated by the fascinator - looks like the class was inspirational!

niftyknits said...

bowler hat - wow! I love the way your new rose is nestling in its gently curled leaf...and I am so envious of the wire wrapping course. I can never wrap two wires to look remotely the same.

Glorious Hats said...

Well, Nifty.... I'm not so good at the wire wrapping either, but like knowing more about it. Frank has been practicing more and is getting very very good, Yay!

Thanks Bebedores, Eileen and Nifty for the kind words.