Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Week -- things learned and completed

On March 13, Frank and I took a second jewelry class from Christina Thorne: Wire work.

For sure, the ol boy manipulates wire nicely and precisely. Here is his work done during class
Jump rings, earring hooks, decorative curves, clasps - hooks and loops, coils, pounded ends, wire wrapped stone. The various wood rods were used to help with shaping the curves.

and mine

no where near as precise

Soooooo, now I'm working on manipulating Frank -- wanting him to do the stringing, wire work etc for the Felt bead necklaces. Got him working on one now. Yipee. Won't load him up with all of the ones I want done at once. But maybe bring out one a week or so.

Between the two classes we took from Christine, Frank, practiced making links.

Necklaces with glass beads on copper wire. He really made some lovely links.

As for me, continuing with felt flowers. Alchemy had arrived in time to help finish up a few. Plus she picked out on style to make for herself.

Alchemy helped design and sew the Tiny Pink Flower Fascinator she is wearing here. The other items include a Silk and Wool Brooch, A Bunny in the Flower Patch Fascinator, Two Plaid Flower brooches, and and two Crocheted Felt Flower broochs.

Alchemy is playing with the flowers now, while I do laundry.

**Alchemy is the knitted Meerkat, one of the World Traveling Meerkats created by Heather of Nifty Knits. We are thrilled to have Alchemy as a house guest this week.


TheJoyofColor said...

What a greatpost, Enjoye Alchemy adventures in the farm. As a city mouse myself i find it fascinating
to leave in such a big farm withall the animaels and calf birth...

Midnightcoiler said...

Love the adventures of Alchemy on your farm. A lot to see and do there, and so very different from the other places traveled. Nice to get a glimpse of farm life there!

Glorious Hats said...

Yael and Midnight, thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comments. It is fun to share ordinary days and ordinary ways.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Jane~
Looks like little Alchemy had a great weekend adventure on your beautiful farm. Tranquility Pastures Farm sounds so peaceful. The new felted flowers are lovely and Alchemy's fascinator is adorable!