Thursday, March 25, 2010

Telling and Sharing

Who are you? Do tell, says Rachel, of Lovely Clusters and Lovely Clusters' Blog, then come and join us on the Lovely Bloggers List.

Because I really like Rachel, her site and her blog; plus participate happily in both; this is one List I'd like to make so.....

Here goes:

I am one half of a couple spending our retirement years farming and crafting. There was a time when we were young and lived in cities from San Antonio to Anchorage.

Now we are on an upNorth farm (in Minnesota, USA) full time to till and tend; AND oh yes, to make art and to craft.

Frank enjoys his farm equipment, managing crops, cattle, watching deer, and making maple syrup. Frank designs and creates stone necklaces, earrings; and weaves kumihimo cords.

I help out some with the animals and garden but spend lots of time sewing and felt making.

My joy is to create beautiful, wearable hats and accessories that let a person’s spirit sing.
Wool Flower Fascinator modeled by Carolin

Wearing a hat makes me comfortable and lifts my spirits; one goal is to share that comfort and joy with others.
Bubbles, a wool felt Hat and Scarf modeled by Kiana

My Inspirations: Past, present, future - the land, sky and water around me, people, animals, plants... Things I’ve read, things I’ve seen. Looking at and feeling fibers and fabrics, vintage patterns. These all roil and boil together ruminating in my mind until an urge to make something specific comes to the fore. And if energy comes with it a hat or other creation comes into being.

Sometimes even mustaches. :D
His and Her Moustache set

You can find me about the web in these places:
Etsy, Flickr, Lovely Clusters, Blog, Facebook

Bunny in the Flower Patch Fascinator

Thanks for stopping by today, and reading this to the end. A pleasure to meet you, and if you leave a comment, I'll make a return visit to your lovely blog too.



Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

You are one of my first blogger friends, I think you're a wonderful person and I admire your outlook on life.
Thanks for being out there and sharing with the world!

Glorious Hats said...

Cristina, what wonderful words, you do have me blushing. I am so thankful for blogger friends such as you. You enrich my life, and I take my hats farther because of your sharing your own experiences with hats and with life. Hugs, Jane