Saturday, March 20, 2010

World Traveling Meerkat Arrives in Rural Minnesota

Many months ago Heather, originator of knitted meerkats and owner of Nifty Knits sent two intrepid meerkats off on world tours.

Today, one of those adventurous creatures showed up in our mail box. Unfortunately, this is mud season in Minnesota and our mail box is 3/4 mile from our house. A far and slippery road. Frank got out the tractor and made it to the mail box and found Alchemy.

Only to discover an unhappy little meerkat whose nose was a bit bent out of shape at being penned in a mail box for several hours.

However, she was quite happy to pop out of the box and ride the tractor back to the house.

A nose massage and getting her paws into making stuff, straightened the nose just fine.

Here she is directing which flower to sew up next, gazing out the window and catching some "March Madness" on TV. Alchemy is very adept at multitasking.

More adventures tomorrow.


niftyknits said...

oh her poor little nose :-)
I'm so glad she pulled herself together. Have a fun stay!

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Ahhh poor schnoz!

I bet it feels a lot better now.

leapinggazelle said...

Oh, dear! I am so glad she feels betting and is looking forward to a fun visit :)

Barbara C's Blog said...

Are you not the luckiest person to have received such an honored guest. Say hello from me.

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks for following little Alchemy here. Her nose is improving daily. We massage it each morning and she takes deep breaths of the crisp country air.

Barbara, yes, I do feel very fortunate to host such a lovely visitor.