Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celebrating Completion of Etta Meerkat's World Tour

Congratulations to Quincifer who won Etta and all the goodies collected during her world tour.

There were so many entrants in the contest to win Etta and only one winner of the big prize, as a member of the Etsy Treasury Team who with Nifty Knits sponsored the giveaway, I wanted to do something special to console the ones who did not win this time. So went visiting blogs and shops of those who entered. Some had no blog, or private blogs - but for those with active blogs and shops, I made a visit and found lots of beautiful articles and items. One thing I can do for people with Etsy shops is to feature them in a treasury list on Etsy. Here is a start.

Row 1: NiftyKnits - WHSKR - Stockanette

Row 2: Sleeks - LindenAvenueDesigns - tasifashion

Row 3: feltmeupdesigns - PatsPottery - CricketsCreations

Row 4: wiccked -Fyrecreek - DvoraSchleffer

There definitely are more shops, than will fit in one treasury list. So my plan is to create more treasury lists over this next month that mix Etsy Treasury Team Members and Meerkat World Tour Giveaway entrants.



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